Mohács 500
Identity Project

Mohács is a settlement on the bank of the river Danube in Hungary, Central Europe. The city plays an important role in Hungarian and European history, because in 1526 the troops of Suleiman started a conquest against the Habsburg Empire. On the 29th of august, 1526 the united forces of Hungary of 15.000 soldiers suffered a crucial defeat by the Ottoman army of 60.000 soldiers. This vanquishment determined the history of the Christian Europe for the next 150 years.
The history of city of Mohács is closely connected with this national trauma until today. This impact left a serious mark on the local traditions and folk culture as well.
The municipality of Mohács has issued a competition to create a unique, and self-identified logo and city identity to use for the 500th anniversary of the battle and for the city as well. The puspose of the competition is to create a unique symbol system worthy of the historical significance of the commemorative year, which expresses the spirit represented by Mohács and the battle.
In my approach, I used a Hungarian folk song from this time. This song is about a stork injured by a Turkish child, who is healed by a Hungarian child. The focus of the concept is not the national trauma, but the healing process, development and survival. The concept is based on the relationship between the part and the whole, on the opposition of fire and water as life-giving forces. 
I supplemented the system of symbols with the symbols of the battle and the local customs resulting from the expulsion of the Turkish invaders.